Email Advertising for Lead Generation (aka E-Zine/Solo Ad)

Email advertising is one of the best ways to scale an online business.   When you have an offer that promises a result, you can usually match up this offer with an targeted list of subscribers who would be interested in learning more and possibly making an investment in that offer.  Email ads work great in the online business education niche, the internet marketing niche, the weight loss niche, and across other niches and industries such as real estate.

At GRHQ, we specifically focus on helping business owners promote their internet marketing funnels that sell online courses, training in a specific niche, and affiliate programs.   If you are interested in learning more about how we can help you grow your online business in if you are in this niche, check our information page here.

Email Advertising VIP Program

Are you serious about gaining the edge of the competition?  Do you want to scale your business with raw, unrestricted progress? Consider our VIP email advertising program.  This unique subscription allows you to gain access to a special spot on our email list, so each month, you'll be getting unique and warm people to visit your core offer you are looking to sell.  Not only this, we concentrate our energy on helping you craft a unique sales angle to allow you gain massive distinction over any competition, by building you a custom sales funnel. Learn more about how to get started with our VIP Email Ad Program here.

Ethical Profit Shortcut (Entry-Level)

Do you want to get a foothold in starting your own Email Advertising Agency or business?  Look no further.  The Ethical Profit Shortcut teaches you how to get your start in the Email Ad Business industry by outlining the core 5 factors that allow you to succeed and by breaking these down into tiny little action steps... your success, and progress is inevitable.

To learn more about this entry level training go here.

Get Results Coaching Program (Advanced)

Are you tired of trying things?   Are you ready to join the most successful training program & community ever created in the Email Advertising Industry?  The stories of this program's participants are real, awe-inspiring, and exceptional.  We believe in leading our students & clients to success by using the power of demonstration, mentorship and community.

When you are guided by a person (and people) who do what they do and teach what they do out of passion & enthusiasm, you truly are able to model their success, their behaviors, their habits, and you are able to do what they do to get results like they get. Because we focus solely on only teaching from things work, our students get results that are simply incomparable to any competing coaching program in the industry.  To learn more about this program go to the client results page.

Rockstar Website Hosting (VPS Light-Speed Server Tech)

How would you like to make more money by getting more leads and sales on your sales funnels or websites simply because your pages are loading 500% faster?  How would you like to save over $100 per month on set-up fee's and monthly recurring costs to get access to true Light-Speed Web Serving Technology?   How would you like a range of other kick-ass benefits no other web host will offer you... 100% on the house?

Well then my friend, start getting treated like the Rockstar you are by checking out our website hosting solution here...

Softwares We Develop & Recommend for Email Marketers

Right now our main software's are in-house & are in-use by only by our top-level paying clients in our Advanced Coaching Program, However, our software services will be available to the public, coming Soon...

Want To Partner With Us?  We Have Great Affiliate Programs

If you are interested in some of our affiliate program partnership opportunities, please send us an email to for more details on what we have available and how to apply.