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From: Justin Spencer, Phoenix, Arizona

Subject: Helping you gain more leads & sell more of your stuff with less time, energy, risk, and money spent!

Hey, Justin here...

I’m going to begin with a bold but true statement...

Almost all traffic sources available today are burnt-out and flat-out, D-E-A-D. . .

In fact it's safe to say you could be DEADVERTISING instead of ADVERTISING to grow your income and business...

Seriously... Have you ever bought a solo ad and it seems like you have a list of dead-beat zombies on your list who do nothing after opting into your page?

It should be illegal, I tell you! What good is a huge list of people who do absolutely nothing and buy zilch, zip, notta, nothing!

The alternative to solo ads is Google Adwords and Facebook pay per click traffic…

It's too bad that these companies promptly try to effectively and completely put you out of business by forcing you to use zero salesmanship or marketing strategies in your ads and landing pages...

And to rub salt in the wound they increase their advertisement prices to suck even more cash out of your pockets almost every week for no sensible reason!

It’s true… and it’s easy to see why it’s so hard to find a consistent and reliable traffic source.

Most give up their search to find a traffic source that actually converts month-after-month…

But I tell you today that you do not have to throw things against the wall any longer because... your search is over!

The secret to highly consistent and sustainable traffic conversion is advertising to "Un-exposed" leads that are wet behind the ears and ready to get started NOW with your business opportunity...

“You Don’t Have To Take A Trip To The Biz-Opp Graveyard of Other ‘Unfortunate’ Folks Who Were Burned By The Wrong Traffic Source!

“Justin’s Traffic & On-Demand Coaching Has Allowed Me To Bank Over $11,500 In Net Profit This Month”

“Thanks To Justin's Traffic & Coaching I've Done $10,000 in Net Profit This Week”

“We Did Over $7,200 in Net Profit Today...I Can Get Used To This. Thanks Justin!”

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“73.48% Opt-In Rate & 4 Sales On Those 300 Clicks, Your VIP Traffic is INSANE, Justin!”

“Your VIP Traffic Got Me My First MOBE Sale For $2,000 And I Got A $1,000 Comission With A $900 Net Profit”

“Had One $3,000 iPas2 Sale...We Did $2,625 in Net Profit, Justin!”

“Your VIP Traffic Earned Me 1st Place In The Contest, And I Won $5,000 in Cash, Thank You So Much, Justin.”

“VIP Traffic Served Up One $2,000 Commission For MOBE. Final Results: 300 New Leads & $674 in Net Profit.”

“VIP Traffic Served Up A $175 Monthly Recurring Sale For National Wealth Center & Residual Profit Machine.”

“$89, $89, $44... The Commissions Keep Coming In And I Got 294 Fresh Leads... VIP Traffic Is The Secret!”

“$27, $27, $27, $27, $27, $27, $27, Your VIP Clicks Are GOD-LIKE, Justin! I Made A Great Profit On These 300 Clicks.”

“Justin, The VIP Traffic Served Me A $295 High Traffic Academy Commission.”

“Those Results Are Not Typical Because The
Traffic These Guy’s ARE Receiving is…

By now you can see the highly-profitable results this insanely responsive 'VIP-Only' list produces and the piles of new money stuffed into the bank accounts of those who have access to it...

“UN-saturated” traffic is the single key to success in an “OVER-saturated” world where everyone has been clubbed to a pulp with every offer under the sun…

And more importantly... you can claim this advantage for yourself!

Everyone know’s that the traffic “heavy-weights” come and buy almost all of the best traffic out there and they leave their new little affiliates to fight for the scraps that are left over...

It's unfair, but we live in an unfair world where you have to make your resources count...

And in order to do that, you need to increase your leads and sales and lower your risk and the amount of effort needed... so you can enjoy your success!

In order to do that you will need every incredible benefit imaginable to even compete with the other heavy-weight that is in the ring with you that wants to each you for lunch...

“Act Now & You Can Grasp These Incredible Benefits…Before Your Spot Gets Gobbled Up By Your Competition…”

Incredible Benefit #1:

Prepare For A SURGE in Sales & Leads With: “300+ Trust-Based "Warm" VIP-Clicks”

Imagine that making massive sales and having insane opt-in rates is the “new normal” for your monthly traffic campaigns…

Where the standard results and leads don’t cut it, you have the most serious and decisive leads behind you ready to act and jump at your opportunity!

Your neighbors & competition are wondering how and why your results are “in a whole different category” ... and all you have to do is seal those lips and give them a subtle wink because you have a dirty little traffic secret at work for you...

“VIP Traffic Update: The Very First Click Resulted in a $17.00 Sale, WOW!”

“VIP Click Results: $405.00 in Sales & $180.00 in Profit from Affiliate Commissions”

“VIP Solo Status Update: $25, $25, $25, $25 Per Month Residual Empower Network Sales & 51.2% Opt-in Rate.”

“VIP Click Solo Update:

$49, $49 in MTTB Sales So Far & Over 480 New Subscribers in My Aweber Account.”

That’s a done deal with this one benefit only…

But I’m far from done…

Incredible Benefit #2:

Secure Instant Authority With:

“Compelling Selling Pages”

If we are honest... building just a simple web page is not easy!

If it were... all of us would do it ourselves! On top of this... making consistent sales every single time people land on your page is also not easy when you don't have the experience!

Let me place the burden on my shoulders of figuring out how to say things in a compelling way for you, so that your new leads are extremely excited and keen to sign up with your product and opportunity.

I will create an aura of trust around you so your visitors believe what you are saying and follow through and request more information or sign up for your opportunity right then and there!

Why people buy is simple: they either trust you are they do not. Transactions cannot exist without trust... conversion problems are actually "trust problems" that I can put to bed for you once and for all.

Incredible Benefit #3:

Sky-Rocket Your Profits With:

“Irresistible Marketing Emails”

Once you have captured your email addresses and even sold some stuff...the job still is not done!

While most of your competition out there will suffer from having terribly poor follow-up sequences that fail to close deals for them...

You'll be silently closing deals left and right with irresistable marketing messages & emails taken out of my highest-winning split test...

These emails have increased the bottom-line open rates of many in companies like MOBE by as much as 2,000%!

Don't try to figure out what works already in this barren waste-land of ineffective and wasted email messages...

Count on me to give you the most irresistible messages that demand results!

Incredible Benefit #4:

Prepare For Take-Off With:

“First Class Priority Scheduling”

Let’s face it… time is money.

Because all of the traffic I have to offer is in such high demand it’s normal for a NON-VIP client to wait as long as 14 days or more for his solo ad to even start!

With the first class priority scheduling benefit, ALL of your solo ads will start and finish 85% faster than the average NON-Vip client…

Instead of waiting 14 to 21 days for your solo ad to even start you can have it out in 3-5 days and have results weeks ahead of the competition.

You will get more leads and better leads...FASTER than anyone else who wants them, can!

(And this is just ONE horrifically UNFAIR advantage over the competition and NON-Vip clients!)

Incredible Benefit #5:


“The Ethical Profit Short-Cut”

The road of list-building can be a dark, dangerous and curvy one without having an expert to guide you through each of the hoops and pot-holes as they come up...

Now, imagine watching in clear 100% transparent detail, a list-building professional going and growing from 0 all the way up to 7,000 subscribers & FAR Beyond in his aweber account at a lightning fast speed…

You can begin watching these incredible step-by-step case-studies recorded and directed by myself to learn the secrets of list-building that allow you to dwarf even the fiercest competitor…

You will see exactly what a $100,000.00 per year sales funnel looks like that runs by itself with 3 to 4 hours per week of "management" that you don't even have to do!

You will understand how to achieve mammoth opt-in rates and lion-like sales results…

All while increasing your reputation and building your personal brand in the process.

This will allow you to stop leaving untold amounts of fresh money ripe for the taking on the table.

Incredible Benefit #6:

Go From Zero to Hero With:

“Video Lesson Coaching Sessions”

The antidote to insanity is to STOP doing the same thing each day.

Follow along with me during my daily video coaching sessions to start getting NEW, DIFFERENT, FRESH and BETTER results in your life & business.

High energy, high accuracy, and highly practical action steps for you to simply jump from step by step will leave you leaving your competitors far far in the dust.

More leads, higher sales, less time spent working at it.

That’s a guarantee not a promise, just follow along.

Incredible Benefit #7:

Take GIANT-STEPS Forward With:

“On Demand One-On-One Online
Business Coaching”

Over $2,000,000 in total sales generated for large companies and over $1,000,000 for small companies including my own has left with me with some serious business growth experience.

In fact, I’ve built and sold 3 businesses, mentored over 70 people and have created over 43 verified success stories, many of which have made and do make over $10,000 per month in cold-hard-cash.

They will gladly confess it has to do with one to one coaching calls where we created goals, did assignments, tracked our progress and made constant improvements until near-perfection was achieved…

YOU can take FULL-ADVANTAGE of me once per month for a 30-minute coaching/consulting call where you can force me to divulge my industry-insider secrets for turning more clicks into sales with less effort, less time and less energy.

It does not matter if English is not your first language or if you feel like you have already tried everything out there that there is to try. . .

I can take you by the hand and walk you straight to new results even if you have never made a single once of profit online. . .

The Bottom Line Is This:
You Deserve An Incredible Deal.

“I Can Make It Impossible For
Your Competition To Compete With You”

  1. 300+ Trust-Based "Warm" VIP-Clicks Per Month:
    Having a surge of "Un-Exposed" leads join your list and buy the products you are promoting is paramount to your growth and success! ($495.00/Monthly Value)
  2. Compelling Selling Pages:
    Serious growth means you need serious opt-in rates and sales conversions. In order to do that you need web pages that create a positive aura of authority and massive amount of trust around you which is the only lever that leads to a serious SURGE in total sales.($395.00/Monthly Value)
  3. Irresistible Marketing Emails:
    Marketing to your list in the most effective value-oriented fashion is essential for successs. However, we need to provide value AND create sales in order to grow and prosper. Leave all of that to me, I'll send you 7 proven emails to put into your follow up to increase your open rates by as much as 2,000%.
    ($495.00 One-Time Value)
  4. First Class Priority Scheduling:
    Who wants to wait in line? No one! It's unfortunate that all of the NON-Vips will have to wait 2 weeks or more to see their results, meanwhile your results are in 80% faster! ($395.00/Monthly Value)
  5. UNLIMITED ACCESS To The Ethical Profit Short-Cut:
    The secrets to gaining $1 for $1 back on your ad costs are disclosed by demonstration. The same training that's led to over 43 mind-blowing success stories is at your right-hand to use and wildly profit from! ($1,000.00/Monthly Value)
  6. Video Lesson Coaching Sessions:
    Accountability, practicality, realistic goals and deadlines. Discover the truth about progress, profit, prosperity and online business success in an amusing and highly energized environment! ($1,250.00 One-Time Value)
  7. On Demand One-On-One Online Business Coaching:
    Over $2,000,000 Worth of lead generation and sales conversion experience both on the web and off is only 1-Phone-Call Away! Having a conversion problem? I have the solution! Don't go at it alone and leave your success to chance! ($1,500.00/Monthly Value)


Competition-Crushing Total Value:

  1. $3,785.00 PER MONTH in Total Value!
  2. $1,745.00 Added ONE TIME Value! 
  3. This exact agreement is equal to $5,530.00 upfront and then $3,785.00 Per MONTH!

But you won't have to pay:

$5,530.00 Up-Front Then $3,785.00/Monthly

“YES JUSTIN! I Want A SURGE Of New "Un-Exposed" Leads From Your Trust-Based “Warm” VIP-Click List For Only $495/Monthly With the $1,745.00 Added Bonus, For Free!”

A Friendly Word-Of-WARNING:
Spaces Are Limited!

By now you are taking into serious consideration the unfair edge & advantages that you will wield & possess over your competition...

Armed with 7 distinct weapons at your disposal everyone else will watch from the side-lines as you increase through the ranks. . .

Many will wonder how you were able to succeed where so many have not and how you became one of the select few who effortlessly flourishes. . .

However, this outcome comes at a cost and in order for me to keep you ahead of the crowd and in the front of the pack I can only treat a few to the VIP program at a time. . .

If you're still reading this page then you are one of the lucky few who can still take advantage of the VIP program and all it's distinct competition-crushing advantages. . .

As soon as the spots are gone, they are gone, and will not be re-opened while all the VIP slots are filled. . .

And why would someone exit the VIP program if they are seeing results that dazzles everyone around them and who are confounded by their secret traffic source?

It's a fair question, we can agree. So wait not and claim your spot or else forever hold your peace and forefit the advantages that very well threaten your own business & success!

So Wait Not & Claim Your Spot

Or Surrender To The Enemy!

Waiting is a deadly game my friend. . .

Lurking within the shadows are other hungry, desperate and vile entrepreneurs who want access to the insider sources that will help them become successful. . .

They're out there and they don't sleep or rest until they have forced all of their competitors to raise the white flag. . .

Let's be clear: They DON'T want you to succeed and they enjoy profiting from your failures!

These are the nasties, who are ruthless, cunning and relentless.

If you don't have a secret weapon to sheild your yourself and protect your business & success then your are leaving your very life and future to pure chance!

The best response is to become ruthless and crush your enemy completely by having 7 advantages that he does NOT possess!

Stop getting pushed on the playground, and start inventing your own rules. . .

Protect Yourself And Keep Them Wondering How You Effortlessly Continue To Flourish! Success is clenched by those who act. . .

Prosperity is at your finger-tips and fresh results are within reach.

Take control of your future by banishing the forces that seek to destroy any hope of success and prosperity you may have!

Eliminate every obstacle in your path with my help and advice and directions. . .

Turn-around all your failures and achieve the success you KNOW you deserve and have been FIGHTING for. . .

Save over $2,800.00 per month and claim your $1,250.00 Video Lesson Coaching Session Training Today. . .

It all starts with one simple click below:

“YES JUSTIN! I'm Ready To Protect My Business And Arm Myself With 5-Incredibly Distinct Advantages That Will Force The Competition To Fall Behind Me!”

I'll see you on the winning side,

To Your Massive Success in Business and Life,

P.S. Don't continue to dread another day of seeking poor traffic from unreliable sources...

Don't waste another penny of your hard-earned cash on junk, "fly-by-night" story tellers who are only interested in making a quick buck at YOUR EXPENSE!

Lock arms with a man who's engineered over 43 ground-breaking success stories backed by verifiable proof!

Cancel the ordinary and start seeing extraordinary results in your business, your growth and your life.


P.P.S. As we speak spots are filling up! And when they are gone, they are GONE!

I'd love to help you see your dreams come into a reality.

But I cannot do that if you don't make a decision to act right now in this moment!

Your dreams are calling you.

Answer Them

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