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Shaun Pope

Shaun Pope is from the United Kingdom and was seeking a way to quickly get started selling marketing services online to increase his income. After 4 short months of coaching, masterminding with the community and the video training, he sky-rocketed his marketing services business to $25,000 Per Month USD.

Chris Pambos

Chris Pambos is from Australia and joined the Get Results Coaching, seeking a fresh start. After 7 Years of struggling to have a profitable online business, Chris jet-packed his marketing services business to $20k in revenue and $10k in profit in a matter of only 4 months from starting.

Lloyd Knapman

Lloyd Knapman is from the United Kingdom but lives in Thailand. He joined the Get Results Coaching program to gain more focus and accountability to take his projects to the next level. Roughly 60 days after joining the program he put together a very successful product launch and made 500 sales and over $10,000 in profit in 7 days.

Vinh Luu

Vinh Luu is from Australia and had made a huge investment in another marketing company prior to joining Get Results Coaching. Primarily he needed guidance and one to one training to start seeing some better results. Within a few weeks he made a large and very exciting sale of $25,000. He is now creating and marketing his own products.

Nick Guadagnano

Nick is from Kansas City and was making a few marketing services sales before joining the Get Results Coaching Program. However, he was struggling to reach his goals and was working to hard to make to little. 90 Days after joining he scaled his monthly income above $10,000 USD in profit and promptly took his girlfriend to Costa Rica for a proper vacation in a Penthouse. Nick has moved on to e-commerce and generates thousands of dollars a day.

Zack Randel

Zack Randel is from Vancouver, Canada. Zack has a self-help related business and has gotten stellar results for his private clients in his local practice. However, he was having a tough time making sales online. Landing clients in person is a little different and Zack dreamed of waking up to seeing online sales made while sleeping. After 5 months of coaching Zack did exactly that. He now routinely makes self-help online product sales while he sleeps & travels.

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Evan Hoeflich

Evan Hoeflich is from Connecticut, in the United States, and desired to get out of his 9-5 grind. Within 4 months of coaching he was able to generate thousands of dollars in marketing services sales for his business and built a huge list. He also switched jobs, works less, makes way more money from his job, and is saving his business income to quickly become 100% self-employed. He is on track to doing great things such as refining his brand.

AJ Simon

AJ simon is from the Portland, Oregon in the United States and had already sunk $20,000 of hard-earned money into online training courses and marketing services trying to create an income of his own. 90 days after joining Get Results Coaching he left his job as a freight shipper at K-Mart and is 100% self-employed and makes on average, $300 per day in semi-passive income. In his own words... "He couldn't be happier."

Jeremy JT

Jeremy JT is from California, in the US, and had always worked odd jobs like bar tending, and other entry-level positions. He decided to join the Get Results Coaching Program and after 4 months he started generating over $4,000 per month in marketing services sales. By then, his profits were so high that he decided to move into a luxurious condo at Huntington Beach. He is currently on pace to start making well into the 5-figure monthly range, and to start outsourcing his business to have more time freedom.

Armando Rendon

Armando Rendon is from Mexico and was hungry for success since the start. Within 30 days of joining the Get Results Coaching Program he quickly used one tactic to generate $6,000 in marketing sales which was 100% profit within 14 days. Armando has since started several different marketing services related businesses and has reported making over $250,000 since joining the program 2 years ago. He does this 100% full-time, shares incredibly great free advice on his social media channels, and is just an all around cool guy.

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Marc Fields

Marc Fields is from Canada and joined the Get Results Coaching Program because he was craving a way to loosen up his dependency on his corporate salary. After 4 months of coaching Marc was routinely making $3,000 per month in marketing services sales in the email advertising niche with exciting profit margins. Fast forward 4 more months later and Marc was up to $8,000 per month in sales. Fast forward 4 more months and Marc scaled his business to $20,000 per month in total email advertisement sales.

Bogdan Cornell

Bogdan Cornell from Romania joined the Get Results Coaching program to stop struggling and start getting some fresh results. Many of his online business ventures saw little or no success and he really needed some proper direction. After only 60 days Bogdan found what he was seeking and achieved over $4,000 in sales with very high profit margins for his marketing services business. Bogdan has since started channeling his energy to taking on coaching clients and doing product launches.

Richard Khor

Richard Khor is from Singapore and joined the Get Results Coaching program after seeing some of the reviews by other students. He desired to make a consistent and high passive income by selling email advertisements. Within 42 days he achieved $5,000 in email advertisement sales and built a list of 10,000 subscribers strong. Richard exceeded the $10,000 per month in sales roughly 3 months after joining the program and still routinely sells his marketing services today. He's one of the most noteworthy name's in the niche.

Jasdeep Singh

Jasdeep Singh is from the United Kingdom and joined the Get Results Coaching program to stimulate his mindset, and improve his current online business and projects. Jasdeep was making around $3,000 - $5,000 per month stepping into the coaching program. 12 months later he 10X'd his income and made $100,000 in 90 days. He successfully started his own marketing services business, marketing coaching business, and software business, all of which are highly profitable. He is now noteworthy brand and his clients love him.

David Williams

David Williams is from the United States and had struggled to make any sales prior to joining the Get Results Coaching Program. After 3 months of new training and focus he started investing in advertising again and instantly started making sales. Fast forward 6 months and David is now hosting online webinars and presentations online/offline and is doing business consulting for other beginner business owners. He's well on his way to reaching his goals and has made immense progress since joining.

Kevin Patterson

Kevin Patterson is from California, United States, and joined the Get Results Coaching program because he knew in his mind and heart that he needed mentorship if he was to succeed. 4 Months after joining the program Kevin made serious progress on his marketing services business and developed a great product, and a great selling system around his product and niche. He is well on his way to taking the necessary steps that will allow him to fully exit his safety-net 9-5 job. He's excited and is now having new energy for what is in store.

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Ella Klassen

Ella Klassen is from Florida, United States, and has invested in the email advertising lead generation services that Get Results offers and has been pleased with the performance of the campaigns. Ella is a six-figure online marketing guru, with a great brand, a great following and she offers a lot of insight. She is someone to pay attention too and has many success stories of her own. Ella now travels the world and gives great business advice on her social media channels.

Paulo Barosso

Paulo Barosso is from the United Kingdom and invested in several email advertising lead generation services that Get Results Offers and has had favorable results from the campaigns. In an industry and niche where trust is everything, Paulo gives his stamp of approval for our services. Paulo has helped many people succeed in the online space, he is an international speaker and has made over $1.2 Million dollars over the last 3 years with his online business.

Aliz AJ

Aliz AJ is from Singapore and joined the Get Results Coaching Program with the hopes of finally seeing some consistent income results by building a marketing services business. After 6 months Aliz started seeing the results he craved and eventually turned his profits up to $5,000 per month and higher, with a $10,000 per month sales volume. From his new found success he realized a dream. He moved to Australia where he could also pursue his music career.

Randy Sweeney

Randy Sweeney is from Ohio, United States and joined the Get Results Coaching Program having already spent $15,000 on other training courses and programs, none of which led to a viable result. 5 Months after getting coached he started seeing a net income of $1,000 - $2,000 per month. Randy has since transitioned on and off of the online world of business, but has kept his skills and is doing very well in his professional and personal life. He's making new progress and proved to himself that he can succeed online.

Larry Orsborn

Larry Orsborn is from Ohio, United States, and joined the Get Results Coaching program in order to figure out how to get out of his current sales job as soon as possible. After 5 months of coaching Larry was able to quickly ramp up his email marketing services business and do over $1,000 per day in sales on several occasions. Larry is now focusing on diversifying his income by getting into the SEO services and consulting niche. After applying his new found skill sets and experiences, he's off to the races, and will do well.

Mike Rubano

Mike Rubano is from Canada, Mike invested in the email advertising lead generation services that Get Results offers and had terrific results, several different times. We offer complementary consulting calls on occasion to help clients get the best results out of their campaigns. After 1 call Mike was able to triple is sales volume using our traffic services. With the power of getting back 3 times the money you originally spend on online advertising, you can scale your business a lot quicker, and that's exactly what Mike did!

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A Few More Noteworthy Client

Success Stories...

Domen Deu is from Romania and joined the Get Results Coaching Program seeking a way to improve and increase his email advertisement income and overall profits. He entered the program making about $3,000 per month in profit and after 3 months he quickly tripled his entire sales volume, breaking $8,800 in total sales and effectively doubling his profits. His best month to date is over $10,000 in total sales and his brand awareness has greatly improved.

Joel Straight resides in Las Vegas, United States and routinely invests in the email advertisement marketing services that Get Results offers. Many of his campaigns were large successes but this one in particular yielded a noteworthy result. On 8,000 clicks he received 83 sales and one particularly large sale that paid for 40% of the campaign alone. Joel continues to make multi-six figures with his online advertisement investments and we enjoy working with him.

Timothy Thomas routinely invests in email advertisement services that Get Results offers and has made us his #1 partner for his online advertising efforts. Tim has experienced multiple large returns to the tune of $3,000 or higher in net profits from his campaigns that we put together with him.

Here is another featured successful campaign that we put together with Tim, where he received a few $500 deposits on his initial offer that we send his traffic to, that he invested in, from our email ad services. We're looking forward to helping him achieve many more successful campaigns like this.

Shane Drumm is From Ireland and joined the Get Results Coaching program having freshly finished a different competing coaching program. Shane had a little bit of traction, but was losing roughly 40-50% of his money on every advertisement he was investing in, and also was selling his services for dirt cheap. Within 90 days Shane increased his prices and his advertising strategy and doubled his income, taking it to $3,700 per month in sales.

Emily Ulrich is from the United States and has routinely sought the email advertising services we offer at Get Results. On this particular noteworthy campaign we helped Emily win a lead-generation contest with a well known marketing company. Emily effectively walked away the #1 winner and took home the $5,000 cash prize incentive for succeeding with this endeavor. We were very pleased to help her achieve this milestone.

Gary is from the United States and joined the Get Results Coaching program seeking guidance and step by step help to start getting a return on his past-investments. Within 90 days we put together a campaign with him which yielded a $2,000 sale. Gary has made many sales, ranging from $2,000 all the way up to $25,000 with his online marketing business that promotes affiliate products. We are happy to be a catalyst in his success.

Rob Hernandez from the United States sought our help with our email advertising services we offer at Get Results. On a small test campaign of only 500 clicks, Rob achieved a noteworthy result of converting one of the leads into a $3,000 paying customer. This was a sale generated for a well-known offer that was said to be "saturated" at the time. We sure put that theory to the test and proved to triumph.

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